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Could we change the standard moderator action for off-topic questions from closure to migration?

A great many questions on this site are regularly closed for being off-topic. Usually, it's a new user asking for broader creative ideas or something deemed too subjective to be specifically ...
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Should the Writing stackexchange be added to the list of sites for migration?

I've done a vote-close on a number of bugs where I would have liked to mark it as needing to be migrated to, but the only migration destination location available in ...
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Guidelines for migration from Science Fiction & Fantasy

I'm putting together an effort on Science Fiction & Fantasy to give users guidance for when they should migrate1 a question from SFF to a different site on the network. World Building doesn't have ...
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Can we add other stack exchanges to our “Close Off-Topic” list?

This question How much antimatter can we theoretically hold in a Minimum Magnetic Field Trap? should move to Physics SE. But when I vote to close as off-topic, the only migration option is WB Meta. ...
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Why was this question migrated?

The question How would an immortal character amass a fortune? was posted on World Building but was migrated to Writing. Why? My understanding is that Writing is about how to write - techniques and ...
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Why migrate a question to a stack on which it is even more off-topic than it already was?

I asked this question some hours ago, a question which turns out to be more complex and have more implications built into than is useful, so it was closed, that's fine by me. But then it was migrated, ...
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Should we migrate our conlang questions?

The Conlang stack has just hit the private beta and to celebrate that I wanted to bring up the discussion if we should migrate our conlang content to that arguably more suited stack and have a quick ...
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What happened here and why is the question/some answers partly open?

How to keep a bucket of water from freezing by only natural means? It seems the migration was requested and ended in rejection, but most answers are still locked. I am wondering why some answers are ...
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Migrated question to Writers SE

The question How can I have a war with no “good” or “evil” side? was recently kicked to [Writers Stack Exchange As the question stands now, this has nothing to do with the literary element of writing....
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"Close >> migrate to another SE" : please add Physics SE and Biology SE as options

When we vote to close a question, one of the options is to move the question to another Stack Exchange. But the only one listed is Meta.Worldbuilding. The two I most frequently wish were there are ...
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Can only migrate question on main site to Meta

In the process of flagging this question for migration to another site outside the world-building realm, I discovered that I could only flag it for migration to Meta. I understand my reputation may be ...
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17 votes
6 answers

Which question migration paths do we want?

I'm told that question migration paths don't just appear automatically, but we ought to discuss which ones we need. (Why not? I always expected the list to be populated the same as the upper-left ...
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Why are people downvoting questions that needs to be migrated?

We have some good questions that are off-topic on the Worldbuilding Stack Exchange, that have been closed because of this and are awaiting migration. I just don't understand why people are downvoting ...
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Why can I only vote to migrate from Worldbuilding to Worldbuilding Meta? [duplicate]

I recently marked a question for migration (a week ago) and when it asked me which site to migrate it to the only option was the World-building Meta. Is this problem currently being addressed? How ...
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