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Worldbuilding Site Design Updates: March 15

Thank you for all of your feedback and patience while we made design updates. Below are a list of updates and planned updates. Logo Based on the community's discussion, we've made some adjustments ...
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A note about us from the real world

Since we're a purely online community (well, I assume there aren't some of us who do meet in the real world), I thought it would be nice to share a piece of information I learned today concerning our ...
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How to write the perfect question

Writing good questions can be difficult. To help you, the community came up with ten yes or no questions that will guide you and help you prevent common errors. Follow the links for more information ...
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Announcement: AI generated content banned on Worldbuilding

Community discussion has been taking place on WB Meta concerning our position on AI generated content: Should we ban posts using ChatGPT or similar software? Because of the outcome of the discussion ...
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Welcome to new moderators Michael and James!

Due to increasing needs and request for handling the load on Worldbuilding, we've been requested to get new moderators into the site. However, as it's not really been that long since your last ...
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PSA: Please use those flags!

While it's still as true as ever that flags and close votes are not super downvotes (or even super delete votes; standard policy for moderators in response to "please delete this" flags is to decline),...
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Congratulations, Worldbuilding!

Congratulations, Worldbuilders. Today we hit a total of 20,000 questions on the main site! Good job on this milestone, everyone, and keep those questions coming!
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Published works based on questions/answers from Worldbuilding.SE

Has anyone published a game, story, or picture that's partially based on questions and/or answers from Worldbuilding.SE? The definition of publish is very loose -- it can include stories published on ...
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Case Study Series

As discussed in chat and based on Tim B's recent post , I'd like us to have a series of case studies, where various users of the site post their five top-rated questions (or any five questions of ...
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The Sandbox will need extra attention

Today I discovered what I can only describe as the juvenile nonsense surrounding Monica Cellio's dismissal as a moderator. I've spent hours wading through it and almost coming to tears over it. No ...
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Public Service Announcement: Don't edit out links from spam posts

Twice in a row today: posts flagged as spam, with no spammy content in them because someone edited out their links. Please, don't! Flag spam as spam and let the moderators handle it. I understand ...
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Call to Sandbox Duty

The sandbox questions don’t do any good if the proposed questions don’t get any feedback. I’ve referred people to this sandbox, and the idea is to get better posts. For that to work we need to ...
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Risk Factor Definition: Too Story Based

We're going to look at merging the "Too Individual" and "Too plot based" close reasons into "Too Story Based". Keeping in mind the discussions from Risk Factor definition:...
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2018: a year in moderation

It's New Year's Day in Stack Exchange land... A distinguishing characteristic of these sites is how they are moderated: We designed the Stack Exchange network engine to be mostly self-regulating, in ...
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We need more editors

How am I supposed to earn the badge for approving edits if the only people making edits are those whose edits don’t need approval?! :-) Ok... more seriously: I think more users in our community ...

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