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Spinning off a question to preserve answers to removed sub-questions

I had a recent case where an unclear question was asked and answered many times before it was then amended to be more narrow. In this case, the edit invalidated a number of good answers to a common ...
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What is the appropriate action if a question has been incorrectly marked as a duplicate? [duplicate]

A while ago one of my questions was, I believe, incorrectly marked as a duplicate. Regardless of this particular case, what are one's options if they have a question incorreclty considered a duplicate ...
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My Question Was Marked as a Duplicate and it Doesn't Make Any Sense

This question was single-handedly marked as a duplicate by a user with a Gold Badge privilege. As such, only 3 votes to close were needed. First of all, I referenced the duplicate question before even ...
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How to make people actually look before asking?

This question has been marked as a duplicate of: Can we encourage people to put more research into questions? While the linked question is about making people actually think and read up on the topic ...
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