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How can I search better for topics already covered?

Twice now I've started to ask a question only to be told parts were already covered. Would be so much easier to have a Search Box up top, to be able to search knowledge base before trying to formulate ...
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4 answers

How to make people actually look before asking?

This question has been marked as a duplicate of: Can we encourage people to put more research into questions? While the linked question is about making people actually think and read up on the topic ...
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How to go about petitioning for/developing a means of indexing/digesting/canonizing Q&As

There are a handful of topics that are, each in their turn, ridiculously popular: tidally locked planets or moons, desert apocalypse conditions, theoretical evolution, are just a few. And locked ...
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Search Tips Wanted Please

Asking the community for tips on searching, in order to find answers and avoid duplicate questions. So I have taken a look at the search section under help, and I have used the limiters there to do ...
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Search renders MathJax sections incorrectly

Almost exactly as the title says. I ran a search with the search query is:answer 0,. Fine, search works. I got to page 2 of the results and discovered that HDE ...
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