Woof Woof - The Year of the Linux Desktop is here. Check out some scripts I wrote for the occasion:

LazyCron: Using Cron is nice if you have a server or never turn off your computer, but what if your laptop is asleep during the exact minute you have set to run your script? What if you have to reboot? Set a time window. Set a frequency. Set requirements like the computer must be idle, closed, plugged in or more all with an easy to use natural language text file.

StarNamer: Go through a list of * imports for a script and replace them with the actual functions to be imported.

StarWrangler: Go through the list of imported functions and generate a .py file containing all of the function code used and do so in the correct order with all the imports and global variables. A Useful way to only include the functions you need in a project.

RegularRecycler: Scan through all trash folders on Linux system and delete files older than a given number of days or size in MB. Set it up with a LazyCron schedule to keep the Trash folder clear of old files.

Readlines: A python module to access a HUGE text file in python without copying the whole thing into memory. Works exactly as if it were a list with [slicing:] indices.

Let me know if you find a bug.

Fun Fact: The DNA is all the cells of a Brontosaurus combined contains around 0.03 BrontoBytes of data.