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Jeremy Davis
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Self taught Linux and FOSS evangelist. Serial "essay" writer with a tendency to have verbosity on high - as you can see here! :)

I'm a committed Debian daily driver. All my local desktops/laptops run stable, plus my media player. I have previously run Sid (unstable) on my main personal local PC - for about 18 months. Mostly it was great, but 2 or 3 times I "just quickly installed updates" and hit painful issues. That's part of the deal though. The frustration was from from running updates at silly times, not really Sid's fault.

I work with TurnKey Linux and am the lead developer and release manager. I particularly enjoy troubleshooting and problem solving. Although I am often guilty of jumping to conclusions. I blame my significant experience with common problems.! I'm a CLI lover and am often looking to automate things for headless usage (both for work and fun).

My Debian knowledge is strong, although far from exhaustive. My strength is primarily general server SysAdmin and web application setup. Although I only manage a couple of low maintenance production servers. I have quite a bit of experience configuring LAMP servers (i.e. Apache, MariaDB/MySQL & PHP). mostly with PHP applications. I also have some experience with other server related services and applications. Beyond general config and setup, my knowledge of specific web apps and frameworks tends to be broad rather than deep.

I also run numerous Debian based local headless servers. Mostly I dogfood and/or test TurnKey Linux (LXC) containers and VMs. My hypervisor of choice is ProxmoxVE, again Debian based.

I am not a lover of application containers i.e. Docker (I use Podman). I understand the value for both developers and end users, but I hate the bloat and overhead. Any I do run are hosted on a dedicated VM - for isolation and security.

I'm no programmer, although sometimes I pretend! I'm more of a scripter and quite handy with python and bash - I avoid POSIX compliance where I can. I entry level knowledge with a few common languages.

Over the years I have gained a lot of knowledge from serverfault/stackoverflow/etc so try to give a little back! My questions are often asking about "best practice" and gnarly and/or unfamiliar issues. My answers tend to be sharing fixes/workarounds when I have to work it out myself.

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