I like playing sandbox type games such as Minecraft, Seven Days to Die, Terraria, MineTest, World of Cubes and Planet of Cubes(WoC&PoC made by Solverlabs) But I also have interest in a wider variety of games such as Endless Ocean, Raft, Stranded Deep, Animal Crossing, StarDew Valley, Niche:a Genetic Survival Game, Tyto Ecology, Hello Neighbor, FNAF, Yandere Simulator, Doki Doki Literature Club, and more. Basically I love gaming. I also would like to make my own games one day,and at the moment my first two questions at least are for finding out how realistic my game ideas' storyline is. I also love a huge variety of music ranging from Alt.Rock, to Rap, to Pop, to Irish Folk Music, to Latin, to Country, to Game Music, to Meme Music, and lots more. I also love Memes,Lol. I'm an active member of the Planet of Cubes Forums at poc.solverlabs.com I also have a slightly inactive YouTube account named "BlueTangs Rock". Also my favorite animal is the Blue/Regal Tang.

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