Yassine Badache

"Java sucks", says the human, but "Java runs 3 billions devices", says Oracle. As facts are superior to opinion (in a scientific manner), I tend to trust the company more than my fellow comrades when it comes to the overall usability of this language.

Astonished and interested by maths when not doing it.

French Java developer, JavaScript enthusiast. Junior.

Being curious is a blessing. Being succesful is a result.

I think video games can learn you a lot more than any traditional school. I also think that designing a game in a good way is one of the hardest things you will face in your life. If your design proves to be okay-ish, it is already a lot better than a lot of things around the world.

Crossed public class AbstractEditManager in my professional life. Made me become an advocate of good wording and naming in our world. Also gave me nightmares the following week.

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