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rmoore with 372 to 157 (215 difference): How do you prove you're from the future? Even Mien with 202 to 5 (197 difference): Humans can now run 40 mph. How do I keep the stupid people alive? Wingman4I7 with 203 to 65 (138 difference): Santa is Satan, but why? Mołot with 144 to 16 (128 difference): Why would a staff increase the magic power of a mage? Aify ...


dot_Sp0T HDE 226868 Allmighty @James, Steward of WB, Crusher of Dreams, Lord of The Factory Floor and diamond moderator of WorldBuilding, Snorter of Beverages, First of his name.


Who was the first person to get two gold badges? overactor, on Oct 29 '14, both on the same day. Who was the first person to get three gold badges? Tim B, Jan 16, 2015 Who was the first person to get both a question and answer badge (as defined in the gold badges link above)? dsollen Q: Sep 23 '15 A: Oct 9 '15 Who was the first person to get two ...


I marked Secespitus as correct, since he basically was. I won't ask any more questions demanding a correct order. The correct order is HDE 226868 2700 James 2150 dot_Spot 1400 The rest of the top 10, for those interested, is Samuel 1200 JBH 1150 JDlugosz 1100 TrEs-2b 1100 Jim2B 950 Secespitus 900 Will 800


alternate-history -> AlexP biology -> JDługosz climate -> Vincent creature-design -> TrEs-2b economy -> Brythan evolution -> rek (The highest non-excluded tag is water, but the user has less than 10 water answers; ... upon further inspection he also only has 7 answers and 6 questions, so this is wrong too...) geography -> Mikey government -> John Robinson (...


Secespitus's answer is good, but here are the corrections to his answer. evolution -> March Ho government -> Shadow1024 humans -> GaryWalker physics -> 2012rcampion space-travel -> JBH weapons -> Samuel xenobiology -> Slarty Maybe we'll go for a little bit easier next time....


for space-travel > MolbOrg

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