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Identifies a Meta post inviting discussion or expressing a concern about the meta-information (tag summary and wiki description) for tags. Use with the specific-tag tag to indicate an issue with the wiki for a specific tag.

Tag meta information is used to help contextualize questions posted on Main and Meta and, in some cases, to restrict the nature of answers. Meta information includes the short description that is seen when someone rolls their mouse over a tag link and the longer wiki description that identifies details about the tag.

Meta questions posted using this tag are asking questions about that meta information.

  • When used with the tag, the question or invited discussion concerns the meta data for a specified tag (the tag must be identified in the body of the post).

  • When used without the tag, the question or invited discussion concerns the general use of meta information on Worldbuilding.SE.

Questions about meta information that are not specific to Worldbuilding.SE or one of its tags should be posted on Meta.SE rather than here.