It is a common issue This issue comes open more often than you may think. Two recent examples of people with this issue who started Meta discussion were Vylix, who started the discussion Asked a bad question, can't delete, can't close by myself. What is the correct thing to do? and adaliabooks, who started the Meta discussion Is it better to accept an ...


Basically: if the question has no answers, you can change it. Once it has answers, you have to avoid invalidating existing answers


Questions can be deleted at any time as long as they have no answers. Deleted posts can be seen by moderators and users with the right privilege. Excessive deletion of content can be sanctioned, as the content belongs to the community. To make a post completely disappear, ask a moderator to redact it.


I wouldn't necessarily call it a "religious" answer, but it certainly doesn't answer the question. It seems to be intended to be some kind of answer like "the last big civilization left technology on the planet and now we view this magnificent technology as something given to us by the gods". It doesn't address in any way which past era in our real world ...


I flagged your question for migration to Constructed Languages. That's a specialist forum that can help you with any kind of language invention query you might have! Generally speaking, I'd recommend against deleting and starting over. The reason being, even though you think you "asked the wrong question", the question you asked is actually a ...

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