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Sadly, the text on Area 51 is woefully out of date on this point. The shortest time to graduation for any SE 2.0 site (that is, all but the few oldest) was six months and that was a while ago. On average it takes about two years, with some sites having been in beta now for close to four years. My understanding is that SE will let sites linger in beta for ...


As Monica has already pointed out, the information on Area 51 is woefully out of date. (Great phrasing, so I'm borrowing it.) When could we hope to see this site released? The site is already released. It's here, there's activity (plenty of it!), and more than one of the higher-ups seem to feel that we are taking on a difficult type of subject matter and ...


It apparently just ended. At least I just got the beta badge, and the site shows up in my Stack Exchange profile, which it didn't before.


Although we have been given an additional week to help define the site, I don't think this was meant to indicate a definite start date for public beta. The decision will have to be based on the whole private beta, including the additional week, so it doesn't make sense to try and put a definite timing on it. People who have been there for the start of other ...

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