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Questions about whether or not a given question or sort of question is on topic at Worldbuilding Stack Exchange.

2 votes

Would questions about psychology be on topic?

The question you linked is about more than just psychology. This SE is about world building not story telling. Its not about how a person or small group of people would react but rather how a civil …
  • 1,318
2 votes

Are story building ideas on topic?

This question could be saved with an edit to ask what would cause a sphere to be completely destroyed and what would the effect be. The current version is too much about how does the story work and no …
  • 1,318
7 votes
2 answers

Do we want sociology questions to be on topic

Creating order in a settlement This question is squarely in the wheelhouse of Sociology. While I can see that understanding this would be important to worldbuilding it does not to be on-topic. Shou …
  • 1,318
2 votes

Problems encountered during world building

The line should be is the question more about the World building or the story telling. World building questions ask about effects and civilizations and properly scoped to in bounds of time, scale, an …
  • 1,318
-2 votes

What about my question makes it "not about worldbuilding"?

Where the mass does goes from one form to another is not about the world and unless your story requires the answer matter. It only matters to your story. That makes it about story telling. Beyond t …
  • 1,318
9 votes
1 answer

Are Space travel questions on topic?

How could a generation ship maintain a source of potable water? Some questions about space travel just do not seem to be about world building. I am thinking they should be off topic. However some o …
  • 1,318
10 votes
1 answer

Is materials science on topic here?

We have a few questions this morning and a few from yesterday that were basically materials science questions: Would a roof over a ship's board hinder operation of the ship significantly? How would …
  • 1,318