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NOTE: This answer is for the "What Questions Can I Ask Here?" section of the help center. All text from this line on is intended for the article.

Worldbuilding.SE is a site for writers and artists to get help creating imaginary worlds. This includes geography, culture, and creatures for the world. Questions on this site should be about building worlds and the stories around them. For example, questions are welcome that are about:

  • Language creation
  • Creature creation and behavior
  • Societies
  • Cultures
  • Physical phenomena
  • Software useful in worldbuilding

as long as they are not about:

  • Specific actions of characters, rather than the world they inhabit
  • General writing or storytelling (consider the Writers or Role-Playing Games Stack Exchanges)
  • Software that doesn't directly relate to Worldbuilding (consider the Software Recommendations Stack Exchange)

Note that questions must be specific as well as answerable. If you are looking for discussion or an overall process rather than specific question-and-answers, the Worldbuilding Stack Exchange might not be for you.

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