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For questions about the style or tone of posts on the site, rather than their specific content.

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Our preferred capitalization for species names when they are Pokémon?

In previous meta questions and chat discussions, I've gotten general agreement on the capitalization conventions this site should use for common species names, race names within a species, and ...
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How to rewrite a controversial question when I didn't get the answers I was expecting?

I recently wrote a question on a controversial topic, transgender hormone medication. I knew it was controversial and tried to focus on the least controversial aspect of the question, medication, as ...
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3 votes
2 answers

How many times can you ask a question that uses a similiar premise?

I asked a question that has already received multiple responses. I am using a similiar premise, but changed the question entirely to the point that the answers given are no longer valid. Is it better ...
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4 votes
3 answers

How to correctly ask questions on unconventional or disliked political ideas?

I sometimes ask (or see someone ask) an unconventional, non-utopian political question. And the result is high level of outrage or claims that it would be leading to absolute dystopia. Nevertheless, I ...
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National self-identification in questions/answers ie, "We/our" side/country

Should answerers strive to remove personal "bias" from answers? Is this a reason to edit the text? With respect to this answer Contrast the ...
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Is potentially offensive language welcome in our community?

This answer makes a reasonable explanation but I have downvoted it for the use of the word "slut" and its sexual analogy to explain carbon chemistry. My objection is not to the use of promiscuity as ...
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