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How can we best promote our work to this site's users?

Worldbuilding SE is a place where the users ask questions about their world building... obviously. However, I've noticed that while asking my questions, I sometimes get comments to the effect that ...
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Who is the mysterious user @67275?

I was poking around in WB, and I found this user, who had bountied this question. However, this user has 1 rep, bountied the question with 100 reputation, and, and here's the most confusing part: They'...
5 votes
2 answers

Taking some issues

A little frustrated here, but my motive is to discuss issues, not inflame things. I gravitated to this site with the intent of helping people construct their worlds, likely by contributing my ...
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Do I understand the consequence of the rep league data correctly?

So, I'm over at the rep league page wondering how to keep my slim quarterly lead over Separatix... (OK, I was just curious. No, really, I was just curious....) and noticed two numbers: Reputation ...
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5 answers

Who are the anonymous users?

A not-small percentage of proposed edits are from anonymous users. I'm not sure how this works. It's not Community because that would be a high level user setting that name, no? And why do an edit ...
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Does the Worldbuilding Contribution Model follow Social Network Norms?

I've been working on preparing some lectures for my upcoming semester of Business Intelligence Systems at University of Canberra, and I wanted to add in some teaching on Social Network Analysis (SNA). ...
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What should we give Cort Ammon for being the first WB user to break the 6-digit rep barrier?

I think it's more than impressive that Cort Ammon broke the 6-digit rep barrier with a score of 100,169 as of this writing. He broke the barrier sometime yesterday or this morning. Stack Exchange ...
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6 votes
1 answer

Is there a way to see my interactions with another user?

I was looking at the candidates for the mod election, and most of their names reminded me something (of course: they are all very active on the site). However, I was not able to remember in which ...
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1 answer

How/why does the Community mod close questions?

This question about reality-checking the shadows of a ringed planet was placed in the reopen review queue after an edit was made. While the edit appears to be insufficient to separate the two ...
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2 answers

Getting More Sandbox Helpers

Regarding this post: Call to Sandbox Duty I’ve referred people to this sandbox, and the idea is to get better posts. For that to work we need to discuss why a question is too broad or ...
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Worldbuilding Discord Server

In case you don't know, Discord is somewhat of a chatroom. (I know that Worldbuilding already has them). Discord is much more polished as a communication medium, you can create different 'channels' ...
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3 answers

Do we care if users use real names?

It seems like a lot (>80%) of users on here have a username or handle that isn't their real name. Do we encourage people to use a username rather than their real life name? I personally didn't ...
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1 answer

-60 rep, user removed. Who?

So, while watching feom the penaltybox, I noticed something strange In my rep. I know what happened, but Can I find the list of deleted users somewhere? Because I want to know, what happened to that ...
8 votes
1 answer

is there data about the numbers of new users who have quit Wordlbuilding SE after question closure?

There have been a number of questions such as this one: Can there be done more to assure users that closing questions is not a Bad Thing? I wonder if there is any data available that indicating what ...
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