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My account lost association with user93359 and end up being asked to create a blank, new account

I've used StackExchange for a couple weeks. I used my Facebook log-in for the site. I took about a week break from it and as of today, when I tried to access Worldbuilding which is my most used ...
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How do I change my username?

how do I do this? A bit confused at the moment. I do not know also how to change my lovely profile picture. Thanks a lot all community friends and brothers and sisters for helping.
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I’m finally logged into Worldbuilding.SE, now how do I get my old accounts back?

Thanks guys, I’m finally I full fledged member of this Stack Exchange. Willk, Alexander JBH thanks for the help. Now how do I round up all the other DTs?
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Is there a way to get my other account back?

About an hour ago I was feeling pretty sad that my questions were getting closed and downvotes, and that I had a 7 day suspension. Michael Kjörling edited my question every time I tried to destroy it, ...
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I forgot my account credentials and now I’m locked out - what can I do to recover my account?

I know I’ve been out of the site for a while, but I’m the user DT Cooper and I was locked out of my account. I never saved said account, and now I’ve been locked out. Is there a way to fix this?
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Why is my Worldbuilding picture not coming up?

I have 3 accounts (stack overflow, 3d printing and world building), but worldbuilding isn't coming up and my profile says i have only 2 accounts Why?
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Aren't handles unique?

Just noticed the following Is this a bug?
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