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Ideas about moviemaking

I have a question about my Worldbuilding Stack Exchange post: making history true again I have asked this in another SE site and they introduced me to you. I have asked but didn't find appropriate ...
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Help controlling a misguided "frame challenge answer" which has created a debate

A user wrote this non-answer seemingly quite upset about many of my cultural/sociological/logistical/and scientific premises. He openly admits "Disclaimer: yes, I know the above is not an answer." ...
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Topic challenge: how alien can a visual sense organ be?

We no longer have regular topic challenge events, but ocasional one-off challenges happen from time to time. With the latest eye question I noticed the selection of alien visual system ideas we’ve ...
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Should we end the topic challenges?

We've been having a fortnightly challenge for a while now, but recently the attention devoted to it has appeared to drop off. Not only are people posting less questions with the topic challenge in ...
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