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Tags are keywords or labels that categorize and group your question with other, similar questions.

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Topic challenge: alien geometry

I propose an alien-geometry topic challenge. Its often hard to tweak the mathematics of a world (for example, you can't really make 2+2=5 in a reasonable way), but one way you can is by tweaking the ...
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Please make tags and meta tags visually different on meta and main

Now there is no visual distinction between bug and bug when used in comments, even if proper markup is applied ( [tag:bug] and [meta-tag:bug]). Even worse with ...
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Deprecation of the modern-in-medieval tag

After a dicussion in WB chat, we decided to perform a tag cleanup/restructuring on the modern-in-medieval tag. (@MonicaCellio said it was okay) It was originally added in early April 2015 but has not ...
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The End of "Life" as We Know It

The "Life" tag has had a long journey. In October 2014, the tag was first discussed in meta. We decided it was too ambiguous to consolidate with biology, because it can be used outside of that tag. ...
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Cartography synonym of map-making

I have just proposed cartography as a synonym of map-making, can the community look at this and see what they think? I think cartography and map-making should be made synonyms because they are ...
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New cosmology tag?

I am thinking of adding a new tag that might be helpful in Worldbuilding. One of the tags I am think of at the moment is cosmology. Cosmology For questions about the creation and development of ...
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Move the robot... with tags?

Hovering over certain tags moves the robot up when the browser is narrow: (At the width I'm at, it's only the second, third, and fourth tags on questions that trigger this on the Home pages, and the ...
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Has anyone asked on about ways to automate hard-science tag?

When someone puts hard-science tag on a question, currently a moderator has to manually add the message explaining the requirements for answers. Has anyone ever asked on about ...
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Should Tag Synonyms require Moderator Approval As well as a Rating of 4?

As an aside, I notice there's a tag named, "tag" which is not a synonym of, "tags." I would suggest making it a synonym via the site-feature I just got as a privilege... but I can'...
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What should we do about tag wiki excerpts?

Recently, I've been going around and creating tag wiki excerpts. At first, I was wondering about the usefulness of such work-but after a few accepts, it seemed like a good idea. After a few (not-so) ...
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Proposed tag: survey-question

This site has struggled for a very long time over raw idea generation. There can be no best answer for raw idea generation. The OP is asking for the proverbial spaghetti to be thrown against the wall ...
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