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Can we improve the grammar of the canned comments?

Perhaps I'm nitpicking too much, but if the site is going to write a comment for me I'd like the grammar to be correct. For instance, if I select a possible duplicate for a question, the site, on my ...
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Is there actually any World-Building stack-exchange-merchandise or was when it was stated more of a hypothetical statement?

On the post for the worldbuilding stack exchange background, there was a snippet about potential merchandise Swag Worldbuilding poster, t-shirt, and coffee mug Is there anywhere to actually buy the ...
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Flags declined in the last 7 days...not?

So, I was going about my business on Worldbuilding today, when I tried to flag a post and found myself under a flag ban. While I was under a flag-ban previously, it had expired a few days earlier. I ...
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Why Not An Answer flag is sometimes unavailable?

Yesterday I encountered an answer I thought was not really an answer. I clicked Flag, and got only three options: spam rude or abusive in need of moderator intervention Due to lack of any other ...
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Tag for cubeworld questions

With the recent duplicate question concerning a cubeworld, I realize that there are quite a few on cubes and other shapes with similar questions such as what the gravity would be like. And these ...
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Top right corner bug? Missclick?

Whenever I try to open the community tab to switch communities, like by going from gamedev to worldbuilding and vice versa. I seem to maybe missclick something that I can't see or maybe it's just a ...
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Does the Worldbuilding Contribution Model follow Social Network Norms?

I've been working on preparing some lectures for my upcoming semester of Business Intelligence Systems at University of Canberra, and I wanted to add in some teaching on Social Network Analysis (SNA). ...
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New cosmology tag?

I am thinking of adding a new tag that might be helpful in Worldbuilding. One of the tags I am think of at the moment is cosmology. Cosmology For questions about the creation and development of ...
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Why do I sometimes see questions in the low quality review queue that I already flagged?

Sometimes I flag questions because I don't think they are a good fit for the site and these questions are later shown in my low-quality review queue. Why is that the case? I already flagged them and ...
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Follow a Specific User

Say I really like some poster's questions, or another poster's answers. Unfortunately, they post rarely. Is there any way to be alerted (I mean inbox) when they post a new question/answer? A bit like ...
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3 votes
1 answer

How do I delete a question once it has answers?

So, I recently asked a question on Meta about what I should do about one of my answers that was being downvoted out of bias (I am a ID proponent, and apparently SE is highly Evolutionist). Anyway, ...
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2 votes
0 answers

What is this about going back to the future?

I was browsing the site a while ago and it looked kinda strange. To complete the visual offense, the "welcome to stackoverflow" bit seemed to be a marquee. What is this?
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2 votes
0 answers

How can a total reputation be less than this year's reputation?

My next door neighbor pointed a couple anomalies out from the "reputation" section (or whatever it's called). It doesn't bother me, but it does look weird. Just curious, how can a total reputation ...
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How to actually unsubscribe from the Worldbuilding Stack Exchange Newsletter?

I've been getting the Worldbuilding Stack Exchange Newsletter through email every week. I don't think I deliberately subscribed to it, and don't particularly want it. I finally made the effort to try ...
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Concussion question - Reopen request

How to get a concussed person back up to speed quick? got supplied with requested details, so that the scope seems narrowed enough not to be "idea generation" anymore. Currently it has 4 reopen votes ...
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Why is my Worldbuilding picture not coming up?

I have 3 accounts (stack overflow, 3d printing and world building), but worldbuilding isn't coming up and my profile says i have only 2 accounts Why?
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