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Thoughts from Worldbuilding Stack Exchange moderators on the dismissal of Monica Cellio

On Friday, September 27th, Monica Cellio was removed from her position as a moderator without warning by Stack Overflow, Inc. She had been a moderator on Worldbuilding, Mi Yodeya, The Workplace, Beer ...
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End of beta soon?

This is from Area51: Sites remain in beta for at least 90 days to build up a critical mass of users, questions, and participation. We are at day 86 and our stats are good. We have hit a ...
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Testing 3-vote Closures & Reopenings and the Value of Closing Questions

Stack Exchange is testing the use of 3-vote close-voting & reopen-voting. This is an important issue that everyone on this Stack should be aware of. We ended up with five votes to close based on ...
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