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Fitting a question to the scope: Counting Systems

This question was asked yesterday Developing Counting Systems It was voted off-topic: not about worldbuilding. And some comment even suggest to move it to Math.SE. One other user took it to him to ...
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Is it an idea generation and thus off-topic?

I'm fairly new here, and I am not entirely sure what makes a question on-topic or off-topic. Particularly when they are at the edge. But Looking at the Ragnarok question (which I tried to answer). To ...
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Reopening portal question

I've added detail to this question: In 'portal', pushing interconnected portals on thin portal sized rectangles of material through each other? And requested moderator attention for re-...
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How should we handle possibly legally/morally sensitive topics?

This question was triggered by this one : Appstore application to assassinate anyone. I have a lot of troubles dealing with it. Quoting it, the core of the question is something akin to that (Know you ...
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Should I remove the hard-science tag from this question?

I asked this question yesterday and the answers have been numerous (this site is awesome). However, my question is not very well documented and the answers are mostly qualitative, and I don't think ...
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Should I edit this question, from another user?

The question "Preventing centaurs from invading China" seems to imply that the OP seeks for a solution which does not require having guards at a gate. This also makes sense, otherwise it would ...
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What makes the microfracture-on-a-spaceship question fit for worldbuilding?

Question of concern: Microfracture in the ship's structure: good enough excuse to strand my characters? Reading through the question, I noticed a great deal of "This is how I want my story to unfold."...
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Is name choice on-topic for Worldbuilding?

I'm very new to the SE "Worldbuilding" site, and therefore I'm not quite sure if a question I have is on-topic there. It is about the mechanics of a world, though its this world, and the mechanics ...
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How to fix "Unclear What You're Asking"?

I recently asked How can I use a potential invasion to further my political power?, which, granted, isn't a fantastic question, even after my edits. Right after I asked it, I got a -1, and comments ...
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Accidentally deleted low ranked question. Now what?

Question to discuss: Now got deleted, thanks to me. I think its bad question. ...
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Should the Science-Based tag demand (similar to Hard-Science) that all world rules adhere to real-life science?

A July 2022 renovation of the reality-check tag and others has changed the context of this question. It is now obsolete. Please see the following question and the link under "Conclusion." If ...
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For what exact reason is my question is considered opinion based?

For what exact reason is my question "What are the minimum historical changes that would permit the use of paratroopers at the beginning of World War I?" is considered opinion based? For ...
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Why is this question about an underwater city off-topic?

This question was closed as off-topic. It's in the middle of being re-opened, but there's no point in fighting to close or re-open until a consensus is reached. It can't be answered because of a ...
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Is "The Elementary Evil vs You /Wights/ Rooting Henry's troops out" ready for reopening

The Elementary Evil vs You /Wights/ Rooting Henry's troops out They said it was too story-based and broad. Good thing I had that GoT fanfiction idea that instead of season 7, the Night King just ...
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Is it time to officially close and terminate all questions applying to the Anatomically Correct Series?

The Anatomically Correct Series has been a treasured Worldbuilding tradition for seven years. Some amazing questions and even more amazing answers have contributed to the series. But... Back in 2020 a ...
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