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Found a potential answer to my own question, but didn't get feedback on it. How do I fix that?

A few days after I posted this question, I hitting upon this potential answer to it and posted it to get feedback on it, but the only response to it was strictly to tell me how to use superscripts (I ...
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Accepted answer is a mix of given answers

I am new on this site, I asked this question about the logistics of corpse disposal for inspiration on a short story I'm working on. After reading the answers I decided on my own version which ...
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Structure of a question: Giving your own calculations as an answer or including them in the question?

Recently, I asked this question and included my own calculations in the question description. Now I wanted to ask a follow-up question with a similar aim and have some calculations that might be ...
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Ethics of answering your own question, even when you didn't think you would?

I've seen some posts where people answer their own questions, either because they've come up with a better answer or because they want to combine parts of all other answers to come up with one ...
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