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Why does this platform accept questions about slavery?

I am disgusted by the way users have been asking disgusting questions about slavery. Something that should not be considered as a means or concept of any monstrous ideas as it has been explored here! ...
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Do I need to narrow my question further?

I got great feedback on my question If the USA disbanded, who would California rely on? Originally I asked "If the USA disbanded, what alliances would form?" and it was pointed out to me ...
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Why shouldn't _How to keep track of everything with an infinite-dimensional telepathic ability?_ allow answers both mundane and magical?

How to keep track of everything with an infinite-dimensional telepathic ability? essentially asks "How might someone improve their memory and thus the capabilities of their magic ability?" Looking ...
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Is the World building forum less effective than using individual forums related to your question?

IE, if I wanted calculate a twin moon orbit for a fantasy world that revolves around binary stars, would it be easier to just ask the physics stack exchange instead of the world building stack ...
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Why are questions with multiple answers off-topic?

I'm basically asking about questions which do have short, objective answers, but it may be subjective to determine which is the best answer. Like suppose mankind now has xyz technology, which ...
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Opinion on questions that involve 'idea generation' or lack a 'right answer'

Perhaps such a post already exists but I couldn't find it. Basically I wanted to ask what exactly are the problems associated with adding 'idea generation' related questions to the scope of this site....
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Where are the lines as far as meta-ish worldbuilding questions?

This may seem a little convoluted, so bear with me... My first question that came to mind in this meta-ish gray area was about suspension of disbelief when it came to specific audiences, as in: ...
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