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Do we need to justify every worldbuilding question with scientific criteria?

I recently made a question about giant mechs. I was criticized heavily for not justifying my answer by not having mechs, as mechs are scientifically implausible. For example Graham said this. @...
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Transform open ended science based questions to more acceptable format [duplicate]

I would like to explore methods to achieve psionic like effects using known, science based, phenomenon. For instance: Instead of an empathy psionic based power what about people that are highly ...
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What is the difference between a science-based question and a science-fiction question?

So we have a tag called science-based and a tag called science-fiction. My question is, how does one determine which tag to use, since they both weakly imply each other as far as the world itself is ...
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Copying the questions (or claims) from this site to science SE sites?

In many cases, a good answer to the worldbuilding question would result from a good Q&A on a real scientific site (e.g. What efficiencies make a realistic food chain? on Biology.SE) Do we have a ...
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