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Is there a rule prohibiting “follow-ups” [duplicate]

My question was closed, with my requests for reopening being declined even after resolving every concern presented, except one. This stated that I cannot have multiple answers, with the person stating ...
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Announcement: AI generated content banned on Worldbuilding

Community discussion has been taking place on WB Meta concerning our position on AI generated content: Should we ban posts using ChatGPT or similar software? Because of the outcome of the discussion ...
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Are we helping or hurting Worldbuilding with these rules? [duplicate]

What is the difference between this question: If Mars and Venus were habitable, by when would they have been colonized? And this question: How does Santa keep locations updated for all of his gift ...
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How to stop a moderator when they have too much power?

How do you stop a moderator when they have so much power? they can literally destroy you in an instant, so what can you possibly do?
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Why is "brainstorming" in of itself against the rules -- why was my question closed as "opinion based"?

Regarding this post. Initially it was accused of being a "brainstorming" question, and unclear based on the phrasing "how would they stay in business. I edited the question to be more ...
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Are justification questions off-topic?

I had a template in the sandbox. that is a Justification of X in my world question. So @JoinJBHonCodidact said me that my template was too story-based, I disagree in several ways but just one is ...
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A Concise List of "The Rules"

"The rules" are spread across a number of locations. This post is an attempt to bring the basics of what this Stack expects of questions together into one place. Before I begin, please let ...
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Proposing a tag for worldbuilding questions that use existing worlds

I think that the current complete ban on third-party/licensed worlds is overzealous. Research is not worldbuilding Firstly, a question like "How do lightsabers work in Star Wars?" should ...
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Is it OK to take a question asked in another SE site & rephrase it for WB?

Specifically, the question I have in mind is Could bone marrow transplants be used to prevent tissue rejection of trans-species organs? asked by myself in biology SE some 2 months ago. I asked it ...
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Is strict moderating discouraging newer members to add to the community?

I'm now on StackExchange for several weeks, having asked few questions and answered some. Now there's something I observed (in worldbuilding, but in other StackExchange-sites too) that moderators are ...
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Can we add "Logically Self-Contradicting" as a reason for closeure

I am wording it this way to avoid encompassing magic but the idea is to be able to close 'uneducated' questions (for lack of better words). Questions that contradict themselves or more precisely ...
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