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16 votes
2 answers

Reminder to reviewers

Quite often, when browsing through the review queue history, I stumble upon cases where the reviewers apparently didn't do any real review but just clicked on "no action needed". The latest ...
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A proposal for helping users understand frame challenges

Frame challenges have long been considered acceptable here at worldbuilding.SE However, I believe many users don't understand what a frame challenge is or how to appropriate present a challenge as a ...
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Don't forget to review the posts!

After a (somewhat large) break, I have been more present in the last days. I noticed that many questions are flagged and get onto the Review Queue. However a few hours or even a few days later, I ...
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22 votes
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Hi, I like to review stuff. Is that ok?

A while ago, I used to post a hundreds of questions and answers on the SE network. These days, I do not have the time for that, a post or two per month at most. The thing is though: I never closed ...
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Where are guidelines about text formatting and its improvement via (suggested) edits?

Where are guidelines about proper text formatting, suggested edits, and their review? Possibly there is nothing but “common sense”, but Ī̲ don’t hold in respect sites where users are encouraged to ...
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7 votes
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"This question has multiple issues"

Sadly, there is always a steady influx of low quality questions, but that is not just on this corner on the SE network. I want to know if a review behaviour I have used for a while is reasonable, or ...
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