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For questions about changing a tag on Stack Exchange.

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1 answer

Revisiting the "science" tag

The science tag is for: Questions about science and the perception of science in a fictional world. Use [science-based] for questions on how to explain fictional things based on real-world science. ...
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6 answers

Is spatial trigonometry hard science?

The standard for hard-science is that we should edit out the tag if hard science is obviously not wanted. I.e. the asker doesn't want to require equations or citations in the answers. In this ...
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9 votes
1 answer

Do we need [economy] and [economics]?

I just came across the tags economy and economics. They seem to be about the same thing, at least according to their descriptions. The tag wiki excerpt from economy: For questions regarding ...
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If I were a [nuclear-power] I'd rename this tag

Some people have used nuclear-power to refer to nuclear weapons (nuclear-weapons), possibly because governments that have nukes are called a "nuclear power", as opposed to energy generated by nuclear ...
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8 votes
3 answers

Should we split the solar-system tag into solar-system and planetary-systems?

We currently have the solar-system tag, with the tag wiki excerpt For questions regarding a star and the area comprising its gravitational dominance. While they are not part of its technical ...
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16 votes
3 answers

Do we really need to ask about creating tags?

I don't think we need to ask about creating tags all the time. It has been said several times: tags are one way to add categorization to questions, which should be used when they have value. Part of ...
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