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For questions that collect links to reference material. When used to index posts that are related to each other, such as questions in a particular series or about a particular world, the question should have a single community-wiki answer to collect the links.

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Saturnian Cloud Cities Series

Note: This question post is going to be kept as a catalogue/archive for the questions in my series "Saturnian Cloud Cities". It is going to be updated from time-to-time, to add links to new ...
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Answering badly researched questions

A questions like this Why are my caves warm with nobody heating them? Or How long would the St. Louis arch stand For me they show no, or very badly done research. With first answer with four ...
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Welcome to Worldbuilding.SE!

Thanks for joining Worldbuilding.SE! We look forward to stepping foot on your world and enjoying another world of wonder and excitement! Our site is a wonderful place for creative and imaginative ...
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Should we have some Guidelines to Creating Magical Creatures?

NOTE: This question is about whether the idea of having guidelines is merited. Not actually creating them...yet! You decide you want some magical creature in your land. eg dragons with wings etc. You ...
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Story-Go-Round Background & Info

As some of you have already noticed, over the last days a collaborative storytelling effort has been started here on WorldBuildingSE. This question is meant as a means to keep everything surrounding ...
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My “Alien Message” series

This is an index of my posts related to my “Alien Message”. On Worldbuilding Alien message: arrows and sequence order Recognizable natural numbers for alien message? Alien message: “Invitation” On ...
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Sci-Fi science: Physics of Impossibru: The series

My name is NOT Michio Kaku. This series will explore classic sci-fi tropes, in an attempt to turn them real, thus helping n00bie writers in their quests.
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Megacity Shapes Series

As part of the expansion of the Great Lakes Earth mythology, I have been muddling over the possibility of megacities based on real-life proposals that, for the moment, exist only on paper. They are ...
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Common and More in Depth Resources for World Building

What are common and more in depth resources for world building? SE is a great place to get questions answered but there are other sites and books that allow for a more in depth and broad look at ...
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Biology of Fantasy: Let's Get Real, Shall We?

Before any of you asks, this has NO relation to the Anatomically Correct series. That is someone else's series and put more emphasis on evolutionary plausibility than I am interested in. If ...
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Great Lakes Earth Series

Let us say that, in the future, some scientists have created satellites capable of something that seems science fiction for now — punching the walls of the universe to study an alternate reality. By ...
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Planet of the Aves Series

As you all know there is a series of questions that have been asked about the world existing with birds replacing mammals as the dominant order. Below should a summarized list of all of the ...
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Can We Build Series

There is a now series of questions that have been asked to create great Feats of construction from myths in a realistic way, Think Anatomically Correct but for buildings. And below should a ...
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Worldbuilding Recommended Reading

Many of us here on Worldbuilding Stack Exchange are building worlds for our own fictional stories, but sometimes the best way to create something is to learn about what has already been created. With ...
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Anatomically Correct Series

This Query is part of the Worldbuilding Resources Article. As you all know there is a series of questions that have been asked to create fictional creatures in a realistic evolutionary way. And below ...
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Being more up front about idea generation

I recently came across something which struck home for me in Looking for Superpowers Preferably Physics Based. In the comments, the author commented that it seemed a bit arbitrary that we don't allow ...
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Creating a realistic world Series

There are a series of questions that go through the process of creating a realistic world step-by-step. This is a series of questions that tries to break down the process of creating a world from ...
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