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This tag is for general questions about questions. Answers should be applicable to the vast majority of questions. Do not use this tag for questions on a single question, use the [specific-question] tag instead.

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How to write the perfect question

Writing good questions can be difficult. To help you, the community came up with ten yes or no questions that will guide you and help you prevent common errors. Follow the links for more information ...
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Congratulations, Worldbuilding!

Congratulations, Worldbuilders. Today we hit a total of 20,000 questions on the main site! Good job on this milestone, everyone, and keep those questions coming!
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What makes a good "what would be the impact of X?" questions?

I see a lot of questions along the lines of "what would be the impact if X happened?" These seem to me to be skirting the edge of on-topic, even for our blessédly open-minded Worldbuilding site. So ...
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Are discussion oriented questions authorized?

I read this question: And I wondered if it were okay. Can we authorize questions which lead to ...
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What should we do with humour in questions?

Here an example of question I revised: Personally I thought it was confusing because of all the necessary information in it. My ...
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Community wikis - are they ever a possibility?

After seeing this question on shared worlds and this one, I'm wondering whether such questions are better handled as community wikis, or even if they would be on-topic if broad enough to work as ...
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