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Indicates policy related questions or comment. Usage should be limited to matters of site policy, and not the theoretical policies or laws of a model government.

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Community wikis - are they ever a possibility?

After seeing this question on shared worlds and this one, I'm wondering whether such questions are better handled as community wikis, or even if they would be on-topic if broad enough to work as ...
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The Rules and the Worldbuilding Resources Tag

Background A recent question asked about designing the biological sexes of alien creatures. Not surprising in our world today, the OP's original question used the word "gender," even going ...
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Should the Worldbuilding-Process tag be discontinued?

Relevant test question on Main: Magic Systems: Advice for developing opposing forces The roll-over text for the Worldbuilding-Process tag reads: For questions about the process of creating a new ...
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What should we do about tag wiki excerpts?

Recently, I've been going around and creating tag wiki excerpts. At first, I was wondering about the usefulness of such work-but after a few accepts, it seemed like a good idea. After a few (not-so) ...
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