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An Invitation to Meta visitors to participate beyond reading posts

Most Meta posts are visited 75-150 times. Those same Meta posts tend to accumulate (at a rough guess and on average) a total of 8-12 unique votes. Meta works because you're willing to move your mouse ...
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What is this site (Worldbuilding Meta Stack Exchange) for?

I usually wouldn’t ask a question like this, purely because most of these Stack Exchange sites are self-explanatory. This site on the other hand just feels like a duplicate to the Worldbuilding one ...
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Can we Sandbox meta questions?

Recently I saw this question draft in the Sandbox, entitled "Meta Question: Should the science-based and/or hard-science tags automatically require answers to use S.I. Units?" While I look forward to ...
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Should the rep requirement for Meta be lowered to 1?

Currently, brand new (1 rep) users cannot use the sandbox because that privilege is unlocked at 5 rep. However, if we want to change it, a Community Manager can change it. This has already been done ...
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Do our tags need tags?

I recently noticed that we have a hard-science tag on meta for meta questions about the hard-science tag on the main site. It's a nice idea; it can be used to organize the many meta discussions we've ...
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Can we remove the Meta "opinion-based" tag?

Looking at a query of all closed meta questions, it seems we've never used the opinion-based close reason on meta. This site has been up for years, yet we've never found an "opinion-based" question ...
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Farming or harvesting votes?

What happens if/when somebody decides to get a friend who votes for all their posts and vice/versa? Would that be bad?
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Idea for an unofficial contest

I have been scanning through the question feed here from time to time, because some of the titles (and in some cases, even the descriptions) of questions are very amusing when taken out of context: ...
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A sandbox for sculpting questions

Over on PPCG.SE they have a sandbox on meta where questions can get feedback before being posted to the main site. That's vital when designing a programming challenge question that must be precisely ...
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Storytelling and plot building

Just saying: The whole "this is story telling and not world building" discussion will eventually lead to ...
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