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14 votes
1 answer

How do I add mathematical notation using Latex MathJax?

Mathematical notation written using MathJax (mathematical Latex) can make questions and answers much clearer and more succinct, but how do we learn to produce this output? Feel free to improve the ...
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12 votes
0 answers

MathJax render failure in Suggested Edit queue

Now that we have MathJax, people are editing old posts to replace compromises with clear mathematical notation. I just approved an edit to this answer. In the Review Suggested Edits queue, selecting "...
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7 votes
0 answers

Render MathJax in review queues [duplicate]

I just reviewed a suggested edit. It was fine, but I have to say it would have been quite useful to see the actual rendered output instead of text and the raw MathJax I saw. I saw this: I'd like to ...
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6 votes
1 answer

Units in MathJax markup So what's the right way to put units inside of TeX blocks? I remember a font directive but not what the word was. And it's a kludge anyway — ...
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