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This tag should be used for meta questions regarding main site questions and answers tagged [hard-science]. It can also be used for general discussions about the tag.

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Should the hard-science tag be retired?

It is evident that many of the people who use it either don't read the guidance, or are very confused about the scientific accuracy of a lot of popular media. I suspect they think they know what "...
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How to communicate different meanings of "proportional" in shrinking-growing questions?

A question which semi-regularly comes up here is "How [strong, fast, hungry, etc.] would [something] be if I scale its dimensions by [factor]?" So we have some common language, let's call ...
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Are comments for suggested, but inadequate, answers?

I don't want to turn this into some sort of witch hunt on the example I've come across. So unless it's absolutely necessary I'll leave that out of this question. The question had a hard science tag, ...
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Should certain tags automatically require answers to use SI Units rather than other, more traditional, systems of measurement?

SI Units form the official language of international science. As such I want to discuss whether questions that are tagged for either science-based or hard-science should automatically warrant the use ...
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Best Practice for Helping OP's with Science-Based Fantasy Requests

Though a new user to this site, I've run across a couple of questions where the OP is asking "how do I realistically/scientifically achieve X given Y" where Y can't be achieved if X is realistically/...
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Can post notices on the hard-science tag actually do something?

I occasionally browse through the hard-science tag. One of my pet peeves is having to scroll through answers on the hard science tag that have a lot of upvotes, but don't meet the requirements of the ...
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Should this question have the hard-science tag?

I've been looking at the question What brain resources are needed per limb? The OP originally included the hard-science tag, but there's since been some disagreement about its use. Someone removed the ...
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Hard-science answers. Are they always good?

I thought of this whilst reading Mithrandir's answer to this question*. I have seen a few like this and understand the temptation by those who know more to express this. However if the question has ...
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Hard-science tag, possible approach, changing how to ask these particular types of questions

Wished to write this a long time ago, and the last drop was this question As a time traveler, how would I see quantum randomness change history? really, you are serious this was a hard science ...
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