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Question Upvoting Etiquette and Frame Challenges

We have a rule of thumb around here that "if you find a question good enough to answer, you should upvote it". Generally I agree with this; however, I often find myself on the fence about ...
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Messed Up a Question

I confused two ideas when asking a question, and I want to edit it to reflect what I actually meant. But two people already answered and I'm not sure if I'm allowed to do that. Can I? I'd hate to spam ...
12 votes
6 answers

How curious is too curious?

The fallout from Worse than zombies, part 1, has reminded me that I keep meaning to ask to what extent one can ask question about things they are curious about rather than issue they need answers to. ...
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What should be our commenting etiquette when pointing out that other Stacks exist?

This question is purely about whether or not we want to write comments when there are other sites on the network who specialize in a certain topic that is also on-topic on WorldBuilding and if so, how ...
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What are the ethics of posting art based on an answer?

I enjoy drawing, and a lot of answers to questions I've seen or posted myself have given me some cool ideas. I've been considering posting art online, and I've been thinking about the ethics of ...
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How to handle "cop out" answers

In the last few days I've seen several answers (from different users, on wildly different topics) that all basically say It's fiction - do whatever you like Now this is an answer to the question....
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Can I put a link to my blog for a longer answer?

So, recent creative questions and answers have triggered a crazy idea in my mind: making a blog about some Worldbuilding questions and posts that interest me - and maybe posting some short stories, ...
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What if I have several questions associated with one topic?

If I have a question based on a specific topic (e.g. a special suit) and I have several questions associated with this topic (e.g. how it works, where it will work, and how effective it is), is it ...
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Answering your own question as a baseline

If I want to ask something that I already know (albeit partially, assume I want to know better answer), is it wise to ask it and answered it, on which the answer is supposed to be the baseline and ...
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