Questions tagged [deleting-posts]

For questions about the act of deleting existing posts, either one's own or another user's. If you are asking about a specific deleted post, use [deleted-question] or [deleted-answer] instead.

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When should I repost a question with modification versus editing an existing one?

I now realize that I've asked the wrong question here and was about to edit it to ask what languages I could combine to get the desired effect, but that's a pretty different question than how to make ...
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2 votes
1 answer

How long do you have to undelete your post?

I'd like to know how long I have to change my mind if I delete one of my posts. I deleted some of my sandbox questions several weeks ago and they're still there, but I don't know how long they stay or ...
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Bizarre Answer looks like Off-Topic

This question is about navigation on a super sized sea on a super-earth. It received a bizarre "religious" answer. I don't feel like this answer is adding anything to the discussion and worse I ...
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Rage quit, frustration as a factor in question removal

I've asked a couple of questions that have a number of answers that are useful but seem to miss the main point, even those that have been added after extensive editing aimed at clarification of the ...
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