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Questions tagged [deleted-answer]

For questions about answers that have been deleted.

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6 votes
6 answers

My answer was deleted. An explanation is warranted

I see L.Dutch deleted my answer here. Disasters to prompt the bettering of civilisation Without explanation. It seems like a good answer to me. I was happy with it. OP wanted a cataclysmic ...
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1 answer

Deletion of Comments from Sandbox?

When a Sandboxed (technical term) draft is posted on main, the author is expected to update their draft, shorten it, and delete it. But what about the comments? I'm not a high-rep user, so I can only ...
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4 answers

Should an answer be deleted as "spam or rude or abusive" for citing a historically held offensive belief?

In this recent question, an answer was deleted as "spam or rude or abusive" for citing a contributing factor about why the Nazis hated Jews. In reference to the writings of Adolf Hitler, ...
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