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For questions about answers that have been deleted.

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1 answer

A request to undelete my answer

My answer to the question Can an Alcubierre drive be built by starlifting? was deleted as not providing an answer to the question. This is factually untrue. And since our goal is to help you with an ...
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1 answer

Why was my answer to "Can selective breeding maximize human intelligence without major complications?" deleted?

The answer in question. I started writing it when the question was still open, poured 4 hours of work into it, it got 5 upvotes, and then... it was silently closed while I was sleeping, with a ...
10 votes
2 answers

Why, exactly, was Robert's answer deleted?

Regarding this answer, which I'll duplicate here in the case of people who can visit Meta but can't see deleted content. There is a significant debate about this going on in the scifi community. We ...
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6 answers

Disagree with a Deletion

This question The comment from L-Dutch states: "The first line is at most a comment to the OP's question. The rest, being based on nothing that the OP asked, is not an answer" However, this ...
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2 answers

Answer deleted. Explanation is warranted

The question: How would a primitive people recharge energy weapons in a hard science fiction setting? Pretty straight-foward. Author is asking how a primitive society could recharge energy weapons, ...
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6 answers

My answer was deleted. An explanation is warranted

I see L.Dutch deleted my answer here. Disasters to prompt the bettering of civilisation Without explanation. It seems like a good answer to me. I was happy with it. OP wanted a cataclysmic ...
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4 answers

Should an answer be deleted as "spam or rude or abusive" for citing a historically held offensive belief?

In this recent question, an answer was deleted as "spam or rude or abusive" for citing a contributing factor about why the Nazis hated Jews. In reference to the writings of Adolf Hitler, ...
20 votes
3 answers

Penises = rude and abusive?

I was looking at this question Designing a low technology flamethrower with limited resources and on a whim decided to see why an answer (deleted by "Community") was rude and abusive. https:/...
8 votes
2 answers

Why was my answer deleted?

I answered this question. I'll quote a passage: This step requires medical technology that would also allow to transplant a human brain, because if a computer can be connected to the nervous ...
2 votes
1 answer

How long do you have to undelete your post?

I'd like to know how long I have to change my mind if I delete one of my posts. I deleted some of my sandbox questions several weeks ago and they're still there, but I don't know how long they stay or ...
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1 answer

How can I see my removed questions and answers?

Just a quick question: How can I see my removed questions and answers? I have some deleted posts and I would like to read them again. Also, thanks for saving me from downvotes... I bet I would have ...
-8 votes
2 answers

Why is there zero moderator accountability on this stack?

So, I've been participating in the stack for a few months now. And I say the following to emphasize that I understand what it can mean to run a space for online discourse, and that these circles are ...
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1 answer

Deletion of Comments from Sandbox?

When a Sandboxed (technical term) draft is posted on main, the author is expected to update their draft, shorten it, and delete it. But what about the comments? I'm not a high-rep user, so I can only ...
4 votes
2 answers

Any way to read an answer that was deleted?

Yesterday I had 5 answers to this question. Today it's only 4. The missing answer had quite a few upvotes, but also involved a lot of math I was hoping to learn from but didn't have the chance to ...
2 votes
1 answer

Flagging comments on deleted answers?

In this question there was an answer which got two comments (mine plus another) objecting that it was not answering the question. The reaction of the poster was "sour" Would it still make sense to ...
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3 answers

Where can I complain about the way my answer was deleted?

I tried to make a very innocent, yet reassuring answer (that I agreed with the content posted like many others on this site) and you wrote about gaining a reputation before I can post? This is the ...