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For questions about the community of people who are using the Worldbuilding site.

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Case Study: The Consequence of Inadequate Comments

UPDATE: Amber's original question has been undeleted and the new question closed as a duplicate. It looks like that new question has since been deleted (honestly, it didn't need to be this complicated....
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Penises = rude and abusive?

I was looking at this question Designing a low technology flamethrower with limited resources and on a whim decided to see why an answer (deleted by "Community") was rude and abusive. https:/...
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Is Universe Factory still alive?

It's simple, for a while now, Universe Factory (both the room and the site) shows no signs of life, which makes me sad. Now, I'm not saying I have much to post, in fact, making a 4-minute read ...
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Is it okay to edit?

So, a while back I posted this proposal for editing rules. @AlexP quickly responded in the extreme negative, calling it "a Vandal's Manifesto". According to him, the license placed on ...
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"Am I asking too many questions?" Is it okay to ask more than you answer?

Context: in the Writer's Group subreddit, there's the rule that you have to critique, not just submit drafts/stories to be critiqued, which makes me think what I'm doing right now is very wrong. If ...
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4 votes
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Fiction/art about the process of Worldbuilding?

I’d like to ask members of the Worldbuilding community: can you recommend any fiction, poetry, film, or other media about the process of world-building? To clarify, I’m not asking for works that are ...
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What does being a 'Contributor' look like on Worldbuilding?

I've been on Worldbuilding now for just (10 minutes as I write this) over 4 months, after noticing the question about lights being needed on space ships in November. I've really enjoyed my time here; ...
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Hats, do they build community, or assist with Sorting? Are they plot devices, or status symbols?

So, this is my first Hats season, and I'm not sure what to make of it. While I have 3 Hats to my name, I'm not using them as they would cover my avatar. It looks like not many other people are using ...
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Is there any section of 4chan that is suitable for worldbuilding questions? [closed]

While Reddit has the obvious place for this topic, I have no idea, where to start similar discussions on 4chan. Should I do it at all? Or is it a rather bad idea? /tg/ seems to be suitable only for ...
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Are we bashing users over the head with rules?

There was heated discussion below other meta question, where one user said: I disagree with the sentiment that "well managed" equals smacking people over the head with the rules as soon as there ...
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12 votes
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Should Worldbuilding set up a Twitter account?

A number of Stack Exchange sites have their own Twitter accounts, which are controlled by a bot that tweets hot questions. Some sites on the network have decided they don't like this, and have ...
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How to deal with users who cannot comment due to lack of rep?

Okay, I have come across more than a few answers that would better belong in the comment section, but have been posted by new users who lack sufficient rep to post. These range from jokes to valid ...
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Borrowing ideas from poorly asked questions

I found a question today that had been closed today because of poor writing (too broad, not clear, etc) but the underlying idea was an interesting one. I'm pretty sure I could write a question to the ...
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Who are you and what planet are you from?

In the lack of negativity to a suggestion I made in chat, I'm posting this. We've been running for quite a while now and we've got great activity. However, I feel like we could know each other better ...
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