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Questions tagged [close-reasons]

For discussion about why a specific question was closed or about what constitutes a reason for closure.

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Does "What are the implications?..." = Idea generation?

[To be clear, plenty of good questions are posed: "what are the implications on _____", or "what are the _____impliations?" I've got no problem with those. It's the un-scoped "what are the ...
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Cold-hearted closing of this ice question makes me shiver

This question about how to reshape ice in my world was closed as too broad. However, I don't understand what it lacked in its edited version, where I specified how my world worked, what I wanted, ...
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Is this question really off-topic?

I don't know much about the tags or rules in Meta, since I usually just briefly lurk, so I'd appreciate it if someone can fix the tags to be more appropriate and I apologise if I've broken any rules ...
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