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Im I ruining genre recognition when I deconstructed supernatural creatures to be Mutants I.E. X men?

Deconstruction is a terrible word to use here. But the only word I can think of to describe my world. But anyway genre recognition is when the audience can understand what genre a movie or tv show ...
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How should we handle possibly legally/morally sensitive topics?

This question was triggered by this one : Appstore application to assassinate anyone. I have a lot of troubles dealing with it. Quoting it, the core of the question is something akin to that (Know you ...
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Accepted answer is a mix of given answers

I am new on this site, I asked this question about the logistics of corpse disposal for inspiration on a short story I'm working on. After reading the answers I decided on my own version which ...
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How to tell people answers must adhere strictly to the conditions of a question

Regarding this question: Restricting antimatter - practical rather than legal measures I've been processing a lot of answers tagged low-quality from this question and, though I could be wrong, I ...
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What to do if your question gets downvotes for something irrelevant and answers that don't answer the question?

My most recent question asks what procedures would be undertaken after a large island is discovered and explored by scientists. The question has since recieved 2 downvotes, and neither of the ...
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How could "Would normal people accept a path of immortality given the following, specific restrictions?" be answered, given that it was on hold?

I saw Would normal people accept a path of immortality given the following, specific restrictions? bumped to the top of the front page as "answered" despite being "on hold", so got curious. I got ...
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