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Real Life cannot be an overriding limitation on any question unless specifically requested

I have finally found the perfect question to kick-start this discussion concerning what I believe is a growing undesirable behavior on Worldbuilding How can the Sea of Japan be drained? The OP wasn'...
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4 answers

Challenging Questions' Premises

This is something I've seen cropping up quite a bit lately, and has made me pause and think. Sometimes questions are based on faulty or questionable premises, one such question would be this one, ...
6 votes
7 answers

Is it Fair to Encourage People to NOT Answer Questions that Need to be Closed?

Introduction: WB.SE has a SE mandated format; the community has determined that certain rules need to apply to the asking and answering of questions; the community has in place certain policies & ...
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Should workarounds be suggested when the question implies an impossibilty?

The title is awful but I couldn't come up with a better one, feel free to edit What I'm wondering about is this: when presented with question such as this, this or this, where the answer is most ...
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How should we handle possibly legally/morally sensitive topics?

This question was triggered by this one : Appstore application to assassinate anyone. I have a lot of troubles dealing with it. Quoting it, the core of the question is something akin to that (Know you ...
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The Completionist's Dilemma

For those of us who are completionists (individuals who are driven to complete whatever they start, whatever that may entail), the badges can be a bit of a nuisance. I asked previously if it would be ...
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