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Is Worldbuilding a What If Site?

A few months back, my participation on this site dropped heavily for various reasons, most of them real life commitments. Now I've come back, and there's something I've noticed. When I left, the site ...
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Catalog of Question Types

In an effort to start building consensus after asking: Enough is enough. NOBODY can obey rules that are only in someone's head, I'd like to start with what I hope will become a canonical catalog ...
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Checklist for the perfect post - Idea refinement

The post is now created, using the top 10 questions as of the 25th of may '16. But you can still feel free to add your helpful questions for interested users (make sure to use the template below). ...
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How to deal with "Please develop my High Concept" questions?

"Hello Community... I have a great idea for my Worldbuilding. Assume Earth and history as we know it, but in my world, Hitler died from whooping cough as a baby. What is my world like after this ...
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What's wrong with "idea generation" questions?

We now have a dedicated "Idea Generation" close vote/flag reason!! What does it mean? What is the problem with "idea generation" questions?
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Are we too harsh on the so-called "opinion-based" questions?

Let me start from the disclaimer that I understand perfectly well that questions like "what color an invading alien armada spaceships would be" or "what would my superhero decide to do ...
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Accepted answer is a mix of given answers

I am new on this site, I asked this question about the logistics of corpse disposal for inspiration on a short story I'm working on. After reading the answers I decided on my own version which ...
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Where do I go if I'm just fishing for ideas?

I have a question that I know is too broad with no definitive answer, and as I understand Worldbuilding Stack Exchange, this is considered just fishing for ideas. Does anyone know of a place I can ask ...
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What if Worldbuilding banned What If questions?

Worldbuilding, it seems, is not a What If site. So let's start making that happen. If we don't want these questions around, then I think the first step is with close reasons. We currently have an ...
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Case Study #2 - Daaaah Whoosh

Part of the Case Study Series As before, this is a series of my own top-rated questions; I'll give my own opinions about whether or not they are on-topic, and anyone else can give their own opinions. ...
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How should we deal with inherently open-ended fishing-for-ideas questions?

We've had a number of questions lately that, in my opinion, skirt the rules. They're not specific (per the new Help Center, THANKS! for that BTW). Examples are: Anti-Psychic Countermeasures What ...
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Opinion-based close text, should we customize it?

Update: It seems that my reading of the meta post linked was incorrect, we aren't able to change the text in the way proposed, alas. In the reopen review queue we often deal with questions which have ...
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Died of a Theory: A Challenge for Too Story Based and Fishing for Ideas Questions

I wanted to test a theory. I wanted to see what would happen if a question that asked for a narrow list of ideas would react on the site now that a week or two of my previous meta post asking how to ...
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Should we rename Idea Generation?

Based on this question. I don't really like "Idea Generation" as a reason to close. It seems like too much of a subtle reason to me, since really this entire site is about ideas. Even the ...
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Is it an idea generation and thus off-topic?

I'm fairly new here, and I am not entirely sure what makes a question on-topic or off-topic. Particularly when they are at the edge. But Looking at the Ragnarok question (which I tried to answer). To ...
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