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Should the Xenobiology tag automatically imply science-based or hard-science?

In a comment to a recent question, @Nosajimiki made a good point. The OP had not tagged the question hard-science or science-based, so I chastised other respondents for taking a hard-line Real World ...
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Do we need to justify every worldbuilding question with scientific criteria?

I recently made a question about giant mechs. I was criticized heavily for not justifying my answer by not having mechs, as mechs are scientifically implausible. For example Graham said this. @...
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What about splitting the WB physics tag in physics-past and physics-future?

When you see questions with a physics tag on WB, lots of comments and answers (and closures) immediately start to assess correctness, with current Earth physics as a reference. When a science or ...
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What is it supposed to mean when a question is closed for need of details or clarity?

This question was closed as needing more detail/clarity. Looking at the various descriptions of this reason, I have come to the conclusion that the solution would be to edit to add more details and ...
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Should the Science-Based tag demand (similar to Hard-Science) that all world rules adhere to real-life science?

A July 2022 renovation of the reality-check tag and others has changed the context of this question. It is now obsolete. Please see the following question and the link under "Conclusion." If ...
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Why does WB.SE treat social sciences as non-existent?

I do not know how to talk about it politely, please excuse my bluntness. This question (Can gender identity exist in a world without gender roles?) is the perfect example that the WB.SE community ...
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Are there any standards for quality here?

Yet again, we have a question tagged science-based that falls under "evidently impossible with 5 minutes of basic research" category. Not only is it allowed to remain open, it gets highly ...
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Why are 'plausible magic' questions so poorly received?

Let's say I have a question such as the following: I want my race of fantasy avians to have a crest of beautiful, long, iridescent feathers. If I don't care how they came to be in the first place (...
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When and how to challenge the back story?

I was in the middle of answering this newly asked question when it was deleted by the author. It had been up for 30 minutes. I can't read the OP's mind, but I suspect the question was closed because ...
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A proposal for helping users understand frame challenges

Frame challenges have long been considered acceptable here at worldbuilding.SE However, I believe many users don't understand what a frame challenge is or how to appropriate present a challenge as a ...
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More strict scientific culture in Worldbuilding?

I just found this site and was thrilled since I have a big and broad general interest in applied science and politics. However, when seeing some questions and answers involving magic and other not ...
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