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Sandbox for Proposed Questions

The Sandbox works best if you sort posts by "active" (click here to do so). #Welcome to the Sandbox! This "Sandbox" is a place where Worldbuilding.SE users can get feedback on ...
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"Am I asking too many questions?" Is it okay to ask more than you answer?

Context: in the Writer's Group subreddit, there's the rule that you have to critique, not just submit drafts/stories to be critiqued, which makes me think what I'm doing right now is very wrong. If ...
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Migration of Gerrymandering question

Can someone explain why the linked Anti-Gerrymandering question was migrated to Politics.SE? Build an Anti-Gerrymandering Political System It already had a wealth of answers, so obviously a number of ...
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Is a single rude remark inside an otherwise good answer grounds for deleting the whole answer?

I recently stumbled across this deleted answer (10k+ users only). It seems like a good enough answer to the question it was posted on, with a fair amount of detail, but was deleted by a moderator as ...
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Is asking for advice or critique on your world on-topic here?

This recent question is a little baffling and very long-winded, but it seems OP's intended "question" is asking for advice, critique, or feedback on their construction of their matriarchy so far. Is ...
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How Do I ask Good world building Questions

Hello I just joined the stack exchange yesterday and multiple times have come across where my question was not understandable and that can sometimes be because I procrastinate and can be very lazy, if ...
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Do atmospheric physics questions fit here?

Questions I have asked in Physics Stack Exchange were closed and I was referred to Worldbuilding Stack Exchange. Does questions regarding evaporation from the oceans fit here? I am going to ask about ...
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Guidelines for migration from Science Fiction & Fantasy

I'm putting together an effort on Science Fiction & Fantasy to give users guidance for when they should migrate1 a question from SFF to a different site on the network. World Building doesn't have ...
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What should I do with my World? and Where do I store it?

What should I do with this world that all of you guys have helped me build? I've thought about writing short stories, or just making it to make it. I love making it but sometimes I wonder what I can ...
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Why the rule against third party worlds?

There is a rule against asking questions about worlds and features from third party works, and I find this rule to be unhelpful for numerous reasons. While there is some explanation here, there are ...
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would like have some clarifications on what's going on here and on wb in general

there are few aspects on which would like to have some clarifications. A I would like to see how those two questions are duplicate: How much would take and cost to construct a building/tower that ...
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Can I post tidbits of lore from the world I'm building here for feedback, or is this more about asking about the worldbuilding itself? [duplicate]

I'm working on a world that I'd like to make into a video game someday. I'd like a place to post information about it so I can get feedback, suggestions, etc. Is this the place for that? If not, where ...
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What would you have wanted to know at the beginning?

You're a seasoned worldbuilder. We're about to embark on our first build. What are some of the most crucial things you've learned that you wish you knew at the start?
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How can laser color printers weigh far less?

I have a question about my Worldbuilding Stack Exchange post: How can laser color printers weigh far less? How can I make this on topic, please? If I had an answer to this I would make money out of ...
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How to write the perfect question

Writing good questions can be difficult. To help you, the community came up with ten yes or no questions that will guide you and help you prevent common errors. Follow the links for more information ...
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