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What do users from other Stack Exchange sites think of Worldbuilding Stack Exchange?

We have had a lot of questions reach the Hot Network Questions list recently, which is probably related to the current topic challenge, religion. This means that there are a lot of outside viewers ...
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A proposal to finalize the "are real world questions on-topic" debate

If you would like to discuss this or explain disagreements, or want clarification please feel free to join this chatroom. The moderators have discussed the recent re-invigoration of the on or off ...
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Catalog of Question Types

In an effort to start building consensus after asking: Enough is enough. NOBODY can obey rules that are only in someone's head, I'd like to start with what I hope will become a canonical catalog ...
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Why is my question "Too Story Based" and how do I get it opened?

See also: When should I close a question as "Too Story Based"? Asking about plot elements such as the actions of characters, rather than about the world in which your story takes place, is ...
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Is a "real world" question off topic?

I recently came across this: How do I know if my moon is full? It's been closed as off topic by several high reputation users as not being about worldbuilding. It clearly is though, it's information ...
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How do we feel about questions where the answer is "it exists in the real world?"

Suppose someone has asked "How could I do this thing in my fiction world?" or "If such a thing happened in my fiction world, what would be the consequences?" As such, the question is completely on-...
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Inactive Sandbox 2018

This sandbox is inactive. Please visit the next Sandbox for Proposed Questions In order to make the Sandbox easier to use, a new Sandbox question will be posted when the old one becomes too full. ...
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Are we too harsh on the so-called "opinion-based" questions?

Let me start from the disclaimer that I understand perfectly well that questions like "what color an invading alien armada spaceships would be" or "what would my superhero decide to do ...
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Magic is primarily opinion-based by definition, so what does a POB VTC mean?

Considering the closure of Is magical rapid premature aging painful? And relating to this meta question and this meta question. Magic is Primarily Opinion-Based (POB) by definition. Without some ...
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Back It Up! policies

The Good Subjective/Bad Subjective guidelines talk a lot about what make for great questions and answers for subjective issues, and it primarily falls around Back It Up!: answers need to cite some ...
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Seeking community consensus about "Why would X lead to Y?" questions

While we've likely always had "Why would X lead to Y?" questions, it feels like we've had a lot of them lately. Here's a sample (the questions asked so far in October, some have been closed). Why ...
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Sandbox for proposed Questions

The Sandbox works best if you sort posts by "active" (click here to do so). Welcome to the Sandbox! This "Sandbox" is a place where Worldbuilding.SE users can get feedback on ...
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Is WorldbuildingSE suitable for writers whose works are, more or less, realistic?

All right now I promise you, this is my very last post wrt my question about firewood, ropes and buckets. Many works of fiction are guilty of the same sin: stockpiling blatant nonsense. Cartoons like ...
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Is the "international waters" question on-topic?

Using international waters to avoid legal punishment seems to be asking a real-world legal question. I think law is in principle on-topic on Worldbuilding (same as sociology or religion or other "how ...
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Testing 3-vote Closures & Reopenings and the Value of Closing Questions

Stack Exchange is testing the use of 3-vote close-voting & reopen-voting. This is an important issue that everyone on this Stack should be aware of. We ended up with five votes to close based on ...
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