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Testing 3-vote Closures & Reopenings and the Value of Closing Questions

Stack Exchange is testing the use of 3-vote close-voting & reopen-voting. This is an important issue that everyone on this Stack should be aware of. We ended up with five votes to close based on ...
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Is it possible and reasonable to add "This is a high concept question" to the list of community-specific reasons to close a question?

Edit: An incredibly valuable example of why we should add "This is a high concept question" to the VTC reasons is this question: What would happen if the salt in the oceans disappeared? The ...
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Are we too harsh on the so-called "opinion-based" questions?

Let me start from the disclaimer that I understand perfectly well that questions like "what color an invading alien armada spaceships would be" or "what would my superhero decide to do ...
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See Proposal for Editing Rules [duplicate]

Go here: Proposal for Editing Rules Note to L. Dutch: do nòt roll back and do not "protect" this question. This question should be closed. All further answers or comments should be referred ...
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Should "You are asking questions about a story set in a world instead of about building a world...." closure reason be reworded?

You are asking questions about a story set in a world instead of about building a world. For more information, see Why is my question "Too Story Based" and how do I get it opened? There ...
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Sandbox for Proposed Questions

The Sandbox works best if you sort posts by "active" (click here to do so). #Welcome to the Sandbox! This "Sandbox" is a place where Worldbuilding.SE users can get feedback on ...
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For what kind of questions and thereby answers do we strive for?

Now for the most part this is obvious clear, addressing the question, useful, ... But what I am discovering now (I think) that we also strive for questions which lead to answers that are universally ...
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Is StackExchange WorldBuilding the DYSTOPIA of the future?

I don't really see Why. My first post, I just got Bullied. Got a -1. So I will say: I don't want to be part of this community. This is just an EGO trip. The guy signs in. Instead of welcome, some ...
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Question closed as dupe when it isn’t

I just recently asked the following question: In a world without humans—or any caretakers—would domestic house pets simply regress into being feral or die? Which has been closed as a duplicate of ...
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What is the worldbuilding background picture from?

Is it from a book or a movie or game?
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How to tell people answers must adhere strictly to the conditions of a question

Regarding this question: Restricting antimatter - practical rather than legal measures I've been processing a lot of answers tagged low-quality from this question and, though I could be wrong, I ...
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Catalog of common comment scripts

Over the course of time I have copied the common comment statements of others (e.g. "Welcome to Worldbuilding.SE!") and have had my comment statements copied by others. The problem is that simply ...
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Idea Refinement: Clarification and Examples of VTC Reasons for New Users

This page was written before the late 2019 changes to close-voting. However, much of the information is still relevant. -JBH The Welcome to Worldbuilding.SE! page for new users is up and running. My ...
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Do we need the reality-check tag?

A July 2022 renovation of the reality-check tag and others has changed the context of this question. It is now obsolete. Please see the following question and the link under "Conclusion." If ...
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How to deal with "Please develop my High Concept" questions?

"Hello Community... I have a great idea for my Worldbuilding. Assume Earth and history as we know it, but in my world, Hitler died from whooping cough as a baby. What is my world like after this ...
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