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Hard-science tag, possible approach, changing how to ask these particular types of questions

Wished to write this a long time ago, and the last drop was this question As a time traveler, how would I see quantum randomness change history? really, you are serious this was a hard science ...
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How to avoid changing the nature of a question in an edit?

I have a tendency to edit extra content into my questions and sometimes it changes the questions and it seems like it is sometimes unavoidable despite the fact that I have been on this site for a ...
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Putting nightmare fuel or gore pictures into the question as demonstration

I mean, not for demonstrating the fate of downvoters, but because it's related to the question. Does this contradict any rules in the site? If not, what criteria can justify it?
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Automated message directs me to find answers where none exist

I asked a question, it was closed as too broad. So I asked another one (I think I made it more specific) But the system automatically suggested that my original question (which was closed with no ...
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Is far fetched worldbuilding question not welcome on this site?

Many of my worldbuilding questions are deemed as heretic(absurd) and being treated as taboo which often result in closure. I am conflicted since there are two groups of reader that seemingly ...
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Would either of my two hypothetical questions about economic policies be a good fit for this site? [duplicate]

I asked two questions on Politics SE which ask about the economic implications of implementing hypothetical economic policies, but I'm told they're probably not a good fit for Politics SE because they'...
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Is anti-world building on topic here?

I'm intending to ask a question, where it is about to proof, that such a world could NOT exist. Would this be on topic here? If so, what tag should I use?
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Correcting a wrong question

I recently asked a question which was Where to hide my evil Overlord? and it got closed for being "primarily opinion-based", the reason being that there are many possible answers. However when I saw a ...
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How to improve my question before it's closed? [duplicate]

A question I asked has 3 close votes, what should I change about it before it's closed? The question is Cargo of a supernatural smuggler Is removing the "Bonus question" enough to prevent it from ...
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Is "Uses of phlebotinum" on-topic

My world has a variety of types of phlebotinum with well-defined properties and a number of pre-defined applications. I am considering writing a question on the main site giving these properties and ...
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Proposal: a Sandbox "landing site" (question) for all Sandboxes

I spent some time cleaning up the Sandbox today. It's getting to be a slow honker to load. This is especially true when I'm linking in through a comment notification. I spent time removing the body ...
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Call to Sandbox Duty

The sandbox questions don’t do any good if the proposed questions don’t get any feedback. I’ve referred people to this sandbox, and the idea is to get better posts. For that to work we need to ...
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Sandbox for Proposed Answers

What is the Sandbox? This "Sandbox" is a place where Worldbuilding.SE users can get feedback on prospective answers they are writing. This is useful because writing a clear and fully ...
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Is this question about humanity using genetic memory too broad?

Suppose humanity had the ability to access the genetic memories of their maternal line. The lives of ancestors on their mothers side could be open to them with a certain amount of training. The effect ...
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Are these new edits acceptable?

What is the naming element convention that is unique to other essential elements that are different between lifeforms from different worlds? [on hold] I made some edits to the following question. Are ...
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