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Sandbox for proposed Questions

The Sandbox works best if you sort posts by "active" (click here to do so). Welcome to the Sandbox! This "Sandbox" is a place where Worldbuilding.SE users can get feedback on ...
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Proposal: a Sandbox "landing site" (question) for all Sandboxes

I spent some time cleaning up the Sandbox today. It's getting to be a slow honker to load. This is especially true when I'm linking in through a comment notification. I spent time removing the body ...
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Inactive Sandbox 2018

This sandbox is inactive. Please visit the next Sandbox for Proposed Questions In order to make the Sandbox easier to use, a new Sandbox question will be posted when the old one becomes too full. ...
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How shall we make the sandbox work better?

We've had some previous discussion about a problem our sandbox is currently facing (auto-protection). We then gathered some functional requirements, which I summarize here (I've consolidated some ...
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Inactive Sandbox 2017-18

In order to make the Sandbox easier to use, a new Sandbox question will be posted when the old one becomes too full. This Sandbox has been retired. You can check here for the full list of past and ...
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Moderator Post Closing Policy

I feel the need to publicly lodge my complaints. The problem This question went into the review queue and picked up two close votes (and at least one keep open vote from me) before being summarily ...
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Purposeful offensive-contents in a question [closed]

I always wondered in policies regarding offensive contents that have a meaningful purpose in a question like actual politics, and scientific and objective perspectives on horrible atrocities like the ...
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Is this question about humanity using genetic memory too broad?

Suppose humanity had the ability to access the genetic memories of their maternal line. The lives of ancestors on their mothers side could be open to them with a certain amount of training. The effect ...
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Why do questions have to be specific?

I am an aspiring author and one of my favorite ways to generate ideas is brainstorming with my brother. I find it incredibly constructive when designing stories and was hoping I could do something ...
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How does Worldbuilding work?

Sorry if this question is a little stupid, but how does this worldbuilding page work? Are people building their own worlds or are you just talking about questions that you find interesting to talk ...
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Putting nightmare fuel or gore pictures into the question as demonstration

I mean, not for demonstrating the fate of downvoters, but because it's related to the question. Does this contradict any rules in the site? If not, what criteria can justify it?
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What was the problem of this question? I still don't get, what the mods trying to say.
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How to make men relevant in a world where magic is gender specific to women?

I have a question that might be considered broad. The setting is one where only women can use magic. All females can access it through some training, some being stronger than others. It takes the form ...
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I need help editing this question about a hypothetical matriarchal society

I had asked this before and it was closed, so I would like some feedback on how I can narrow it down. In this worldbuilding scenario, pregnancy would be an active rather than passive process. A woman ...
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Hard-science tag, possible approach, changing how to ask these particular types of questions

Wished to write this a long time ago, and the last drop was this question As a time traveler, how would I see quantum randomness change history? really, you are serious this was a hard science ...
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