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Moderator Post Closing Policy

I feel the need to publicly lodge my complaints. The problem This question went into the review queue and picked up two close votes (and at least one keep open vote from me) before being summarily ...
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Are there any stock "good questions"?

There have been a lot of questions from new users that have been put on hold for being too broad. Most of these, thankfully, have a comment from another user referencing the help pages. However, if a ...
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Is the customized car question on- or off-topic?

This recent question about making a car unavailable to some users seems have sparked some interest from high- and low-rep users alike, but there appears to be a growing consensus that it isn't on-...
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Is unspecified simulated universe too broad a setting for questions?

The question "Classifying possible sources of supernatural abilities in a simulated universe" doesn't currently give any details about that simulation but asks for weaknesses/exceptions in its laws. ...
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Unfairly put on hold

My question about measurement system formation is there for a good reason. People on forums would probably say something along the lines of "Whatever" or "Just use earth measurements or even no ...
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Should we use the sandbox for answers, too?

So, the sandbox is now up, and there's a decent amount of activity. I like what I'm seeing: good dialogue between users on the posted questions. I'm suggesting that we use the sandbox for answers, ...
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A sandbox for sculpting questions

Over on PPCG.SE they have a sandbox on meta where questions can get feedback before being posted to the main site. That's vital when designing a programming challenge question that must be precisely ...
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Is this the right site for this question? (Historical technology level)

I'm working on a fiction set in 1835, and no website I can find will give me an easy-to-reference list of what's common, what's still being adopted, and what major things haven't been invented yet. I ...
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How long should I wait until the question is "sandboxed"?

Patience is not my second name. So, when I posted my idea for question to sandbox and nothing happened for quite some time, I was like OK, there is no issue with the question! Lets ask it! But, ...
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What is the best way to "evolve" my existing question?

I asked this question last night and got a lot of great responses, and I'm interested in pivoting off of it to further develop the ideas for my "world." Should I therefore evolve and update my ...
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What was the problem of this question? I still don't get, what the mods trying to say.
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How do I ask questions about open-ended topics? Specifically, 'big-picture' questions

I've had a few frustrating experiences with this. I have read a few posts, like this one. And I totally agree, we should be asking questions that "describe a problem", more than "start a discussion". ...
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Are questions about the development between world building and creative writing off topic?

Are questions about the development between world building and creative writing off topic? I wanted to post the following question below, but I was not sure if it is off topic. I encountered an ...
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Hard-science tag, possible approach, changing how to ask these particular types of questions

Wished to write this a long time ago, and the last drop was this question As a time traveler, how would I see quantum randomness change history? really, you are serious this was a hard science ...
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Sandbox for Proposed Answers

What is the Sandbox? This "Sandbox" is a place where Worldbuilding.SE users can get feedback on prospective answers they are writing. This is useful because writing a clear and fully ...
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